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A modern HTTP library.
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A Modern HTTP library for Rust.



Hyper is a fast, modern HTTP implementation written in and for Rust. It is a low-level typesafe abstraction over raw HTTP, providing an elegant layer over "stringly-typed" HTTP.

Hyper offers both an HTTP/S client and HTTP server which can be used to drive complex web applications written entirely in Rust.

The documentation is located at http://hyperium.github.io/hyper.


Hello World Server:

extern crate hyper;

use hyper::Server;
use hyper::server::Request;
use hyper::server::Response;

fn hello(_: Request, res: Response) {
    res.send(b"Hello World!").unwrap();

fn main() {


extern crate hyper;

use std::io::Read;

use hyper::Client;
use hyper::header::Connection;

fn main() {
    // Create a client.
    let mut client = Client::new();

    // Creating an outgoing request.
    let mut res = client.get("http://rust-lang.org/")
        // set a header
        // let 'er go!

    // Read the Response.
    let mut body = String::new();
    res.read_to_string(&mut body).unwrap();

    println!("Response: {}", body);