hyper 0.13.1

A fast and correct HTTP library.


hyper is a fast and correct HTTP implementation written in and for Rust.


  • HTTP/1 and HTTP/2
  • Asynchronous design
  • Leading in performance
  • Tested and correct
  • Extensive production use
  • Client and Server APIs

If just starting out, check out the Guides first.


hyper is a lower-level HTTP library, meant to be a building block for libaries and applications.

If looking for just a convenient HTTP client, consider the reqwest crate.

Optional Features

The following optional features are available:

  • runtime (enabled by default): Enables convenient integration with tokio, providing connectors and acceptors for TCP, and a default executor.
  • tcp (enabled by default): Enables convenient implementations over TCP (using tokio).
  • stream (enabled by default): Provides futures::Stream capabilities.