didyoumean 1.1.3

A CLI spelling corrector
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DidYouMean (or dym) is a command-line spelling corrector written in rust utilizing a simplified version of Damerau-Levenshtein distance. DidYouMean is for those moments when you know what a word sounds like, but you're not quite sure how it's spelled.


Arch Linux (and derivatives)

DidYouMean is available on the AUR as three different packages:

  • didyoumean: Last stable release, built from source (Thank you orhun!).
  • didyoumean-git: Last git commit, built from source. This is the most up to date, but the least stable.
  • didyoumean-bin: Last stable release, distributed as a binary. This is only available for x86_64 at the moment.

You can install it using any AUR helper. Using paru, the command would be as follows:

paru -S <package choice from above>

Homebrew (macOS)

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS. Currently, I have only packaged an x86_64 binary. The command to install it is as follows:

brew tap hisbaan/tap
brew install didyoumean


evanjs very kindly packaged didyoumean for NixOS. The command to install is as follows:

nix-env install -iA nixpkgs.didyoumean


Run the following command to build dym from source and install it in your home directory. Ensure that you have $CARGO_HOME/bin/ in your path.

cargo install didyoumean

Developer Installation

The build dependencies for this project are git, rust, rustc, and cargo. First, clone this repository, then run

cargo run -- <args>

where <args> are the command-line arguments you would pass the DidYouMean binary. Note that this is an unoptimized build contianing debug information so it runs much, much slower.