deflate 0.6.0

An in-memory DEFLATE and zlib encoder written in safe rust


An rust implementation of a DEFLATE encoder. Not a direct port, but does take some inspiration from zlib and zopfli(for huffman code length generation).

So far, in-memory deflate encoding with and without zlib metadata (no zlib dictionary or gzip support yet) has been is implemented. No unsafe code has been used. Speed-wise it's not quite up to zlib-levels yet.


let data = ...;
let compressed = deflate_bytes(&data);

Other deflate/zlib rust projects from various people


deflate is distributed under the terms of both the MIT and Apache 2.0 licences. is © @nwin and was released under both MIT and Apache 2.0

The test data (src/pg11.txt) is borrowed from Project Gutenberg and is available under public domain, or the Project Gutenberg Licence