deflate 0.7.3

A DEFLATE and zlib encoder written in safe rust.


An rust implementation of a DEFLATE encoder. Not a direct port, but does take some inspiration from zlib, miniz and zopfli(for huffman code length generation).

So far, deflate encoding with and without zlib metadata (no zlib dictionary or gzip support yet) has been is implemented. No unsafe code has been used. Speed-wise it's not quite up to miniz-levels yet.


Simple compression function:

use deflate::deflate_bytes;

let data = b"Some data";
let compressed = deflate_bytes(&data);

Using a writer:

use std::io::Write;

use deflate::Compression;
use deflate::write::ZlibEncoder;

let data = b"This is some test data";
let mut encoder = ZlibEncoder::new(Vec::new(), Compression::Default);
let compressed_data = encoder.finish().unwrap();

Other deflate/zlib rust projects from various people

  • libflate Bindings to miniz.c that are part of the rust distribution.
  • flate2 FLATE, Gzip, and Zlib bindings for Rust
  • Zopfli in Rust Rust port of zopfli
  • inflate DEFLATE decoder implemented in rust
  • miniz-rs Direct rust translation of miniz.c
  • libflate (Not to be confused by libflate in the rust standard library) Another DEFLATE/Zlib/Gzip encoder and decoder written in Rust. (Only does some very light compression).


deflate is distributed under the terms of both the MIT and Apache 2.0 licences. is © @nwin and was released under both MIT and Apache 2.0

The test data (src/pg11.txt) is borrowed from Project Gutenberg and is available under public domain, or the Project Gutenberg Licence