data-encoding 2.5.0

Efficient and customizable data-encoding functions like base64, base32, and hex

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This library provides the following common encodings:

Name Description
HEXLOWER lowercase hexadecimal
HEXLOWER_PERMISSIVE lowercase hexadecimal (case-insensitive decoding)
HEXUPPER uppercase hexadecimal
HEXUPPER_PERMISSIVE uppercase hexadecimal (case-insensitive decoding)
BASE32 RFC4648 base32
BASE32_NOPAD RFC4648 base32 (no padding)
BASE32_DNSSEC RFC5155 base32
BASE32HEX RFC4648 base32hex
BASE32HEX_NOPAD RFC4648 base32hex (no padding)
BASE64 RFC4648 base64
BASE64_NOPAD RFC4648 base64 (no padding)
BASE64_MIME RFC2045-like base64
BASE64URL RFC4648 base64url
BASE64URL_NOPAD RFC4648 base64url (no padding)

It also provides the possibility to define custom little-endian ASCII base-conversion encodings for bases of size 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 (for which all above use-cases are particular instances).

See the documentation for more details.