conrod 0.0.0

An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library failed to build conrod-0.0.0
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Conrod Build Status

An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust.

Here's a demo!

You can find the example project that was used for that video here.

How to contribute

Current State

We're just starting to reach a stable-ish API pattern! There will still be large changes however these are more likely to be new features than API overhauls. Next on the todo list is Themes!

An example project will be kept up-to-date featuring demonstrations of all working widgets. Conrod is still in very early stages however definitely usable.

Available Widgets

  • Button
  • Drop Down List
  • Envelope Editor
  • Number Dialer
  • Slider
  • TextBox
  • Toggle
  • XYPad


Getting Started

Build the conrod lib like this:

git clone
cd conrod
cargo build

And then build and run the examples like this:

cargo run --example all_widgets