conrod 0.15.1

An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library

Conrod Build Status

An easy-to-use, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust.

Here's a demo!

You can find the example project that was used for that video here.


How to contribute

Licenses of example assets

Current State

We're just starting to reach a stable-ish API pattern! There will still be large changes however these are more likely to be new features than API overhauls. Next on the todo list is Themes!

An example project will be kept up-to-date featuring demonstrations of all working widgets. Conrod is still in very early stages however definitely usable.

Available Widgets

  • Button
  • Canvas (Can be positioned manually or by using Splits or Tabs)
  • Drop Down List
  • Envelope Editor
  • Label
  • Number Dialer
  • Slider
  • TextBox
  • Toggle
  • XYPad
  • Custom: Conrod also provides a Widget trait for designing and implementing custom widgets. You can find an annotated demonstration of designing a custom widget implementation here. All internal widgets also use this same trait so they should make for decent examples. If you feel like your widget is useful enough to be included within the internal widget library, feel free to add them in a pull request :)


If conrod is missing anything you really wish it had, let us know with an issue describing the widget's style, behaviour and functionality - or even better, submit a pull request :D

Make sure you check the widget label for your desired widget first as it may have already been requested.


Getting Started

Build the conrod lib like this:

git clone
cd conrod
cargo build

And then build and run the examples like this:

cargo run --example all_widgets
cargo run --example canvas

You can add it to your project by adding this to your Cargo.toml:

conrod = "*"



Conrod uses Elmesque

Conrod uses Elmesque under the hood for its 2D graphics and layout. You don't need to know about Elmesque to use Conrod. But if you want to combine Conrod with your own custom Elmesque drawing, see the example.