ar-drivers 0.2.0

Opensource driver for Rokid Air and Mad Gaze Glow AR glasses

AR drivers

This repository contains is a simplified driver for Rokid Air and Mad Gaze Glow AR glasses. It supports getting basic sensor data and setting up the display.

While only the these glasses is supported right now, if I could get my hands on some other ones, I'd happily support them too.

If you find Rust disgusting (and I wouldn't blame you), you could take a look at the code and reimplement the driver of your choice in any other language, since they are rather simple (especially the Rokid one).


I appreciate reported bugs, feature requests and of course pull request.

I'd love to have a Rokid Lite, an Nreal or Moverio so if you have a spare one you'd throw out, you could mail it to me instead :)


Licensed under the MIT license

Legal stuff

The protocol was obtained by reverse engineering proprietary drivers. This is explicitly allowed in the EU for interworking purposes, it's probably fair use everywhere else, but you should check your own country's laws.

The project is not affiliated with Rokid, Mad Gaze or any other related entities.