adapton 0.3.31

programming abstractions for general-purpose incremental computations
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A general-purpose **Incremental Computation** (IC) library for Rust.  

[Documentation, with examples](


- The [Adapton repo] has the latest code version in the `master` branch.  
- The [Adapton crate] for periodic "stable" releases.  
- See also: A prior [OCaml implementation]  

Research and Development Community:
 - Currently using []
 - ~~The [Adapton community] on [gitter]
 - ~~The [Adapton Slack Team] is open to anyone that is interested in learning more.~~
 - The [Adapton homepage] gives a list of current and past project contributors.

Theory and Foundations:

- The draft [_Refinement types for precisely named cache locations_]  
- The paper [_Incremental computation with names_, **OOPSLA 2015**]  
- The paper [_Adapton: Composable, demand-driven incremental computation_, **PLDI 2014**]