adapton 0.3.31

programming abstractions for general-purpose incremental computations
name = "adapton"
version = "0.3.31"
edition = "2018"
authors = ["Matthew A. Hammer <>"]

# A short blurb about the package. This is not rendered in any format when
# uploaded to (aka this is not markdown)
description = "programming abstractions for general-purpose incremental computations"

# These URLs point to more information about the repository
documentation = ""
homepage = ""
repository = ""

# This points to a file in the repository (relative to this Cargo.toml). The
# contents of this file are stored and indexed in the registry.
readme = ""

# This is a small list of keywords used to categorize and search for this
# package.
keywords = ["Incremental", "Memoization", "Dependency-Graph", "Demand-driven", "Lazy"]

# This is a string description of the license for this package. Currently
# will validate the license provided against a whitelist of known
# license identifiers from Multiple licenses can
# be separated with a `/`
license = "MPL-2.0"

# If a project is using a nonstandard license, then this key may be specified in
# lieu of the above key and must point to a file relative to this manifest
# (similar to the readme key)
# license-file = "LICENSE-MPL2.0"