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This library generate smooth trajectories in cartesian space in a functional style.


The idea is to specify a function that takes a start pose and a progress between 0 and 1 and spits out a pose. This function is the PoseGenerator. It is possible to directly define the function or to combine a PositionGenerator and an OrientationGenerator. Further, there are predefined PoseGenerators available. See pose_generators.

You should make sure that your own PoseGenerators have a constant derivative, that means that all if you would sample 1000 equidistant points, the length between neighboring points should be the same. Otherwise, some parts of your trajectory will end up faster than other ones.

PoseGenerators can be multiplied to generate a new PoseGenerator. Multiplication means that the homogenous matrices of both pose generators will be multiplied together for a certain progress.

Further, it is possible to combine PoseGenerators with the append method, which will concatenate both PoseGenerators. Be aware that concatenating PoseGenerators can result in unsmooth trajectories. For example, if you append a circle PoseGenerator to a linear PoseGenerator, there will be an infinite jerk at the transition as the acceleration suddenly changes.

With the final PoseGenerator it is now possible to add a VelocityProfile to it, which turns the PoseGenerator into a CartesianTrajectory which can be queried with the get_pose method with a start pose and a Duration.

The following images shows how this library can be used to create a complex trajectory


pub use crate::pose_generators::generate_absolute_motion;
pub use crate::pose_generators::generate_circle_motion;
pub use crate::pose_generators::generate_relative_motion;
pub use crate::pose_generators::RelativeMotionFrame;
pub use s_curve;



contains predefined PoseGenerators



Represents a trajectory in cartesian space. It contains a function which maps a start pose and time to the pose at that time and weather the trajectory is finished.


Struct that describes the output of get_pose


Struct that wraps a function that generates an orientation


Struct that wraps a function that generates a pose


Struct that wraps a function that generates a position


Custom Velocity Profile


output of the get function of a VelocityProfileMapping



Select one of the predefined Velocity Profiles



Generates a smooth cosine velocity profile which is indefinitely often continuously differentiable.


Generates a simple Linear Velocity Profile. It linearly maps the duration to a progress.


creates an S-Curve velocity profile which is subject to jerk, acceleration and velocity constraints