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Entity handling types.

An entity exclusively owns zero or more component instances, all of different types, and can dynamically acquire or lose them over its lifetime.

See Entity to learn more.


Operations involving entities and their components are performed either from a system by submitting commands, or from the outside (or from an exclusive system) by directly using World methods:

Spawn a new entityCommands::spawnWorld::spawn
Spawn an entity with componentsCommands::spawn_bundle
Despawn an entityEntityCommands::despawnWorld::despawn
Insert a component to an entityEntityCommands::insertEntityMut::insert
Insert multiple components to an entityEntityCommands::insert_bundleEntityMut::insert_bundle
Remove a component from an entityEntityCommands::removeEntityMut::remove


Lightweight identifier of an entity.

A location of an entity in an archetype.

A mapping from one set of entities to another.

An Iterator returning a sequence of Entity values from Entities::reserve_entities.