[][src]Trait async_embedded_traits::spi::AsyncTransfer

pub trait AsyncTransfer {
    type Error;
    type TransferFuture: Future<Output = Result<(), Self::Error>>;
    fn async_transfer<'a>(
        &'a mut self,
        data: &'a mut [u8]
    ) -> Self::TransferFuture; }

SPI transfer

Associated Types

type Error

Transfer error

type TransferFuture: Future<Output = Result<(), Self::Error>>

Transfer future for polling on completion

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Required methods

fn async_transfer<'a>(&'a mut self, data: &'a mut [u8]) -> Self::TransferFuture

Sends bytes to the slave. Returns the bytes received from the slave

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impl<S: Default + 'static> AsyncTransfer for S[src]

type Error = S::Error

type TransferFuture = DefaultTransferFuture<'f, S>

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