[][src]Trait embedded_hal::spi::FullDuplex

pub trait FullDuplex<Word> {
    type Error;
    fn read(&mut self) -> Result<Word, Self::Error>;
fn send(&mut self, word: Word) -> Result<(), Self::Error>; }

Full duplex (master mode)


  • It's the task of the user of this interface to manage the slave select lines

  • Due to how full duplex SPI works each read call must be preceded by a send call.

  • Some SPIs can work with 8-bit and 16-bit words. You can overload this trait with different Word types to allow operation in both modes.

Associated Types

type Error

An enumeration of SPI errors

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Required methods

fn read(&mut self) -> Result<Word, Self::Error>

Reads the word stored in the shift register

NOTE A word must be sent to the slave before attempting to call this method.

fn send(&mut self, word: Word) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Sends a word to the slave

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