[][src]Struct actix_web::web::ServiceConfig

pub struct ServiceConfig { /* fields omitted */ }

Service config is used for external configuration. Part of application configuration could be offloaded to set of external methods. This could help with modularization of big application configuration.


impl ServiceConfig[src]

pub fn data<S: 'static>(&mut self, data: S) -> &mut Self[src]

Set application data. Application data could be accessed by using Data<T> extractor where T is data type.

This is same as App::data() method.

pub fn app_data<U: 'static>(&mut self, ext: U) -> &mut Self[src]

Set arbitrary data item.

This is same as App::data() method.

pub fn route(&mut self, path: &str, route: Route) -> &mut Self[src]

Configure route for a specific path.

This is same as App::route() method.

pub fn service<F>(&mut self, factory: F) -> &mut Self where
    F: HttpServiceFactory + 'static, 

Register http service.

This is same as App::service() method.

pub fn external_resource<N, U>(&mut self, name: N, url: U) -> &mut Self where
    N: AsRef<str>,
    U: AsRef<str>, 

Register an external resource.

External resources are useful for URL generation purposes only and are never considered for matching at request time. Calls to HttpRequest::url_for() will work as expected.

This is same as App::external_service() method.

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