[][src]Struct yttrium_key_base::databases::JSONDatabaseManager

pub struct JSONDatabaseManager {
    pub guild_id: String,
    // some fields omitted

This is a simple JSON based database manager that is good enough for testing but I wouldn't rely on it too much


guild_id: String


impl JSONDatabaseManager[src]

pub fn new(guild_id: &str) -> Self[src]

pub fn new_from_json(json: &str, guild_id: &str) -> Self[src]

pub fn new_from_value(value: Value, guild_id: &str) -> Self[src]

pub fn write(self)[src]

This serializes the databases and saves them into the file

Trait Implementations

impl DatabaseManager for JSONDatabaseManager[src]

impl Debug for JSONDatabaseManager[src]

impl PartialEq<JSONDatabaseManager> for JSONDatabaseManager[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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