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Yew Framework - API Documentation

Yew is a modern Rust framework for creating multi-threaded front-end web apps using WebAssembly

  • Features a macro for declaring interactive HTML with Rust expressions. Developers who have experience using JSX in React should feel quite at home when using Yew.
  • Achieves high performance by minimizing DOM API calls for each page render and by making it easy to offload processing to background web workers.
  • Supports JavaScript interoperability, allowing developers to leverage NPM packages and integrate with existing JavaScript applications.

Supported Targets (Client-Side Rendering)

  • wasm32-unknown-unknown


Server-Side Rendering should work on all targets when feature ssr is enabled.

Supported Features:

  • csr: Enables Client-side Rendering support and Renderer. Only enable this feature if you are making a Yew application (not a library).
  • ssr: Enables Server-side Rendering support and ServerRenderer.
  • hydration: Enables Hydration support.


use yew::prelude::*;

enum Msg {

struct App {
    value: i64,

impl Component for App {
    type Message = Msg;
    type Properties = ();

    fn create(ctx: &Context<Self>) -> Self {
        Self { value: 0 }

    fn update(&mut self, _ctx: &Context<Self>, msg: Self::Message) -> bool {
        match msg {
            Msg::AddOne => {
                self.value += 1;

    fn view(&self, ctx: &Context<Self>) -> Html {
        html! {
                <button onclick={|_| Msg::AddOne)}>{ "+1" }</button>
                <p>{ self.value }</p>

fn main() {


pub use self::prelude::*;


This module contains data types for interacting with Scopes.
This module defines the ContextProvider component.
The module that contains all events available in the framework.
Function components are a simplified version of normal components. They consist of a single function annotated with the attribute #[function_component] that receives props and determines what should be rendered by returning Html.
The main html module which defines components, listeners, and class helpers.
This module contains macros which implements html! macro and JSX-like templates
Yew’s compatibility between JavaScript Runtime and Native Runtimes.
The Yew Prelude
This module contains a scheduler.
This module provides suspense support.
This module contains useful utilities to get information about the current document.
This module contains Yew’s implementation of a reactive virtual DOM.


This macro provides a convenient way to create Classes.
This macro implements JSX-like templates.
This macro is similar to html!, but preserves the component type instead of wrapping it in Html.
Build Properties outside of the html! macro.


An instance of an application.
A Yew Server-side Renderer that renders on the current thread.
The Yew Renderer.
A Yew Server-side Renderer.


Set a custom panic hook. Unless a panic hook is set through this function, Yew will overwrite any existing panic hook when an application is rendered with Renderer.