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A Rust implementation of the XQuery and XPath Data Model 3.1.

The library separates parsing from evaluation. An expression is compiled to create a ‘Sequence Constructor’. This constructor is then applied to a source document to produce a Sequence.

A Sequence is an ordered collection of zero or more Items, implemented as a Rust Vector. An Item is a Node, Function or atomic Value.

See the graphitem module for an example of how to evaluate an XSL stylesheet.


The project, so far, is a proof-of-concept.

For XPath it provides most of v1.0 functionality, with some v2.0 and v3.1 features.

The XSLT implementation is bare-bones. It supports basic templating, literal result elements, attributes, and text. Also conditionals (if, choose), repetition (for-each, for-each-group), and copying (copy, copy-of).

NB, the library has not been extensively tested.


  1. Complete the XPath 1.0 implementation.
  2. Implement all v1.0 XSLT functionality.
  3. Implement all XPath 3.1 data model and functions.
  4. Complete the v3.1 XSLT engine.

Goals / Future Work

  • The library should always return errors, i.e. it should not panic
  • The library uses dynamic Trait objects for tree navigation and construction, but this imposes a runtime penalty. Use monomorphisation to use traits statically at compile-time.
  • Make the library more idiomatically Rust


We need your help!

  • Download the crate and try it out. Tell us what you like or don’t like. How can it be improved?
  • Let us know what doesn’t work. Submit a bug report.
  • Do you need more documentation? There can never be enough!
  • Add some tests.
  • Write some code.
  • Donate resources (i.e. $$$)


pub use xdmerror::Error;
pub use xdmerror::ErrorKind;
pub use item::Sequence;
pub use item::SequenceTrait;
pub use item::Item;
pub use item::Value;
pub use item::Document;
pub use item::Node;
pub use xpath::parse;
pub use evaluate::StaticContext;
pub use evaluate::static_analysis;
pub use evaluate::DynamicContext;
pub use evaluate::evaluate;
pub use evaluate::Constructor;
pub use xslt::from_document;


Evaluate a sequence constructor






An XSLT compiler