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pub use crate::durable::*;
pub use worker_kv as kv;


Durable Objects provide low-latency coordination and consistent storage for the Workers platform. A given namespace can support essentially unlimited Durable Objects, with each Object having access to a transactional, key-value storage API.


When debugging your Worker via wrangler dev, wrangler tail, or from the Workers Dashboard, anything passed to this macro will be printed to the terminal or written to the console.


In addition to the methods on the Request struct, the Cf struct on an inbound Request contains information about the request provided by Cloudflare’s edge.

The equivalent to a JavaScript Date Object.

Env contains any bindings you have associated with the Worker when you uploaded it.

A File representation used with FormData.

A FormData representation of the request body, providing access to form encoded fields and files.

A Headers representation used in Request and Response objects.

Configuration options for Cloudflare’s minification features:

A Request representation for handling incoming and creating outbound HTTP requests.

Optional options struct that contains settings to apply to the Request.

A Response representation for working with or returning a response to a Request.

Container for a route’s parsed parameters, data, and environment bindings from the Runtime (such as KV Stores, Durable Objects, Variables, and Secrets).

Represents the URL parameters parsed from the path, e.g. a route with “/user/:id” pattern would contain a single “id” key.

A path-based HTTP router supporting exact-match or wildcard placeholders and shared data.

A parsed URL record.


Initialize a Date by constructing this enum.

All possible Error variants that might be encountered while working with a Worker.

Construct a Fetch call from a URL string or a Request object. Call its send method to execute the request.

Representing the options any FormData value can be, a field or a file.

A Method representation used on Request objects.

Configuration options for Cloudflare’s image optimization feature:

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