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Provides a mechanism for interact with the windows console

This library implements most of the methods in:


Here a quick example of how WinConsole can be use, as you can see we don’t cache the WinConsole, we use WinConsole::output or WinConsole::input to ensure a call to get_std_handle and get a fresh handle each time due we can’t know when set_std_handle could be call.

use win32console::console::WinConsole;
use win32console::input::*;

fn main() {
    // Virtual key codes
    const ESCAPE : u16 = 0x1B;
    const BACKSPACE: u16 = 0x08;
    const ENTER : u16 = 0x0D;
    const SPACE : u16 = 0x20;

        // Get the current input event
        if let KeyEvent(key) = WinConsole::input().read_single_input().unwrap(){
            // Only check for key down events
            if key.key_down{
                let char_value = key.u_char;
                // Write only if is alphanumeric or punctuation
                if char_value.is_ascii_alphanumeric() || char_value.is_ascii_punctuation(){
                    let mut value : [u8; 1] = [0];
                    char_value.encode_utf8(&mut value);
                    match key.virtual_key_code {
                        ESCAPE => { break; },
                        ENTER => { WinConsole::output().write_utf8("\n".as_bytes()); }
                        SPACE => { WinConsole::output().write_utf8(" ".as_bytes()); },
                        BACKSPACE => { WinConsole::output().write_utf8(b"\x08 \x08"); },
                        _ => {}


Provides the WinConsole that wraps calls to native methods to interact with the console.

Includes the basic input structs.

Includes console related structs as ConsoleColor, CharInfo or ConsoleCursorInfo.