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Windowing (using winit1), nice input handling and frame-rate-independent game loop all wrapped up in a neat little package. The game loop is based on

Originally part of pix-win-loop, now moved to a separate crate.

§Cargo features

The crate features rwh_04, rwh_05 and rwh_06 enable corresponding winit features. By default winit has all its default features enabled except rwh_06, so you have to specify one of the rwhs in case you need them.

Note: As of version 0.6 and further, all of winit’s features are disabled. There is instead a winit-default feature which enables winit’s default features, except for rwh_06. You still enable rwh_NN directly from this crate’s features. If you need to enable others, add something like:

# ...
winit = { version = "0.30", features = [ ...whatever you need... ] }

to your Cargo.toml.


Crate versions 0.3 and lower might fail to compile on web because of a silly mistake. Should be fixed in 0.4.0.




  • Input state of a mouse button/keyboard key.


  • Application trait.


  • Start the application.