Struct wgpu::PrimitiveState[][src]

pub struct PrimitiveState { pub topology: PrimitiveTopology, pub strip_index_format: Option<IndexFormat>, pub front_face: FrontFace, pub cull_mode: Option<Face>, pub clamp_depth: bool, pub polygon_mode: PolygonMode, pub conservative: bool, }

Describes the state of primitive assembly and rasterization in a render pipeline.


topology: PrimitiveTopology

The primitive topology used to interpret vertices.

strip_index_format: Option<IndexFormat>

When drawing strip topologies with indices, this is the required format for the index buffer. This has no effect on non-indexed or non-strip draws.

front_face: FrontFace

The face to consider the front for the purpose of culling and stencil operations.

cull_mode: Option<Face>

The face culling mode.

clamp_depth: bool

If set to true, the polygon depth is clamped to 0-1 range instead of being clipped.

Enabling this requires Features::DEPTH_CLAMPING to be enabled.

polygon_mode: PolygonMode

Controls the way each polygon is rasterized. Can be either Fill (default), Line or Point

Setting this to something other than Fill requires Features::NON_FILL_POLYGON_MODE to be enabled.

conservative: bool

If set to true, the primitives are rendered with conservative overestimation. I.e. any rastered pixel touched by it is filled. Only valid for PolygonMode::Fill!

Enabling this requires Features::CONSERVATIVE_RASTERIZATION to be enabled.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PrimitiveState[src]

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impl Eq for PrimitiveState[src]

impl Hash for PrimitiveState[src]

impl PartialEq<PrimitiveState> for PrimitiveState[src]

impl Serialize for PrimitiveState[src]

impl StructuralEq for PrimitiveState[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for PrimitiveState[src]

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