Generated file from abi.proto

Generated file from test.proto


Enter an element into the plugin registry corresponding to its type.


Buffered write with handy utilities

Exports is a special kind of map that allows easily unwrapping the types of instances.

A WebAssembly function instance.

All of the import data used when instantiating.

Generated files are compatible only with the same version of protobuf runtime.

A WebAssembly Module contains stateless WebAssembly code that has already been compiled and can be instantiated multiple times.

Top level data type containing all* the state with which WASI can interact.

Convenient builder API for configuring WASI via WasiState.

Default WasmContext implementation.



Trait implemented for all generated structs for protobuf messages.

Trait implemented by all protobuf enum types.

WasmContext is wasm context abstraction.


Type Definitions

WebAssembly computations manipulate values of basic value types:

Attribute Macros

Register vm’s ABI for handling wasm callbacks. format description: #[vm_handle(wasmy_abi::Method)] example:

Register wasm’s ABI for handling requests. format description: #[wasm_handle(i32)] or #[wasm_handle(method=i32)] example:

Register the ABI for wasm load-time initialization state. Register wasm’s ABI for handling requests. format description: #[wasm_onload] example: