[][src]Trait wasmer_engine::NamedResolver

pub trait NamedResolver {
    pub fn resolve_by_name(&self, module: &str, field: &str) -> Option<Export>;

Import resolver connects imports with available exported values.

This is a specific subtrait for Resolver for those users who don't care about the index, but only about the module and field for the resolution.

Required methods

pub fn resolve_by_name(&self, module: &str, field: &str) -> Option<Export>[src]

Resolves an import a WebAssembly module to an export it's hooked up to.

It receives the module and field names and return the Export in case it's found.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: NamedResolver> NamedResolver for &T[src]

impl NamedResolver for Box<dyn NamedResolver>[src]

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impl<A, B> NamedResolver for NamedResolverChain<A, B> where
    A: NamedResolver,
    B: NamedResolver

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