[][src]Trait vulkano::pipeline::shader::ShaderInterfaceDef

pub unsafe trait ShaderInterfaceDef {
    type Iter: ExactSizeIterator<Item = ShaderInterfaceDefEntry>;
    fn elements(&self) -> Self::Iter;

Types that contain the definition of an interface between two shader stages, or between the outside and a shader stage.


  • Must only provide one entry per location.
  • The format of each element must not be larger than 128 bits.

Associated Types

type Iter: ExactSizeIterator<Item = ShaderInterfaceDefEntry>

Iterator returned by elements.

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Required methods

fn elements(&self) -> Self::Iter

Iterates over the elements of the interface.

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impl ShaderInterfaceDef for EmptyShaderInterfaceDef[src]

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