[][src]Trait vulkano::framebuffer::FramebufferAbstract

pub unsafe trait FramebufferAbstract: RenderPassAbstract {
    fn inner(&self) -> FramebufferSys;
fn dimensions(&self) -> [u32; 3];
fn attached_image_view(&self, index: usize) -> Option<&dyn ImageViewAccess>; fn width(&self) -> u32 { ... }
fn height(&self) -> u32 { ... }
fn layers(&self) -> u32 { ... } }

Trait for objects that contain a Vulkan framebuffer object.

Any Framebuffer object implements this trait. You can therefore turn a Arc<Framebuffer<_>> into a Arc<FramebufferAbstract + Send + Sync> for easier storage.

Required methods

fn inner(&self) -> FramebufferSys

Returns an opaque struct that represents the framebuffer's internals.

fn dimensions(&self) -> [u32; 3]

Returns the width, height and array layers of the framebuffer.

fn attached_image_view(&self, index: usize) -> Option<&dyn ImageViewAccess>

Returns the attachment of the framebuffer with the given index.

If the index is not between 0 and num_attachments, then None should be returned.

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Provided methods

fn width(&self) -> u32

Returns the width of the framebuffer in pixels.

fn height(&self) -> u32

Returns the height of the framebuffer in pixels.

fn layers(&self) -> u32

Returns the number of layers (or depth) of the framebuffer.

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impl<Rp, A> FramebufferAbstract for Framebuffer<Rp, A> where
    Rp: RenderPassAbstract,
    A: AttachmentsList

impl<T> FramebufferAbstract for T where
    T: SafeDeref,
    T::Target: FramebufferAbstract

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