[][src]Struct vulkano::framebuffer::FramebufferBuilder

pub struct FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> { /* fields omitted */ }

Prototype of a framebuffer.


impl<Rp, A> FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    Rp: RenderPassAbstract,
    A: AttachmentsList

pub fn add<T>(
    attachment: T
) -> Result<FramebufferBuilder<Rp, (A, T)>, FramebufferCreationError> where
    T: ImageViewAccess

Appends an attachment to the prototype of the framebuffer.

Attachments must be added in the same order as the one defined in the render pass.

pub fn boxed(self) -> FramebufferBuilder<Rp, Box<dyn AttachmentsList>> where
    A: 'static, 

Turns this builder into a FramebufferBuilder<Rp, Box<AttachmentsList>>.

This allows you to store the builder in situations where you don't know in advance the number of attachments.

Note: This is a very rare corner case and you shouldn't have to use this function in most situations.

pub fn build(self) -> Result<Framebuffer<Rp, A>, FramebufferCreationError>[src]

Builds the framebuffer.

Trait Implementations

impl<Rp, A> Debug for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    Rp: Debug,
    A: Debug

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Rp, A> Send for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    A: Send,
    Rp: Send

impl<Rp, A> Sync for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    A: Sync,
    Rp: Sync

impl<Rp, A> Unpin for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    A: Unpin,
    Rp: Unpin

impl<Rp, A> UnwindSafe for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    A: UnwindSafe,
    Rp: UnwindSafe

impl<Rp, A> RefUnwindSafe for FramebufferBuilder<Rp, A> where
    A: RefUnwindSafe,
    Rp: RefUnwindSafe

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