[][src]Enum vulkano::framebuffer::FramebufferCreationError

pub enum FramebufferCreationError {
    AttachmentDimensionsIncompatible {
        expected: [u32; 3],
        obtained: [u32; 3],
    AttachmentsCountMismatch {
        expected: usize,
        obtained: usize,

Error that can happen when creating a framebuffer object.



Out of memory.


The requested dimensions exceed the device's limits.


The attachment has a size that isn't compatible with the requested framebuffer dimensions.

Fields of AttachmentDimensionsIncompatible

expected: [u32; 3]

Expected dimensions.

obtained: [u32; 3]

Attachment dimensions.


The number of attachments doesn't match the number expected by the render pass.

Fields of AttachmentsCountMismatch

expected: usize

Expected number of attachments.

obtained: usize

Number of attachments that were given.


One of the images cannot be used as the requested attachment.


The framebuffer has no attachment and no dimension was specified.

Trait Implementations

impl From<OomError> for FramebufferCreationError[src]

impl Clone for FramebufferCreationError[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Copy for FramebufferCreationError[src]

impl Debug for FramebufferCreationError[src]

impl Display for FramebufferCreationError[src]

impl Error for FramebufferCreationError[src]

fn source(&self) -> Option<&(dyn Error + 'static)>1.30.0[src]

The lower-level source of this error, if any. Read more

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