pub struct GameServer {
    pub name: String,
    pub address: String,
    pub port: u16,
    pub description: String,
    pub location: Option<Country>,
    pub auth_server: String,
    pub channel: Option<String>,
    pub official: bool,
    pub extra: HashMap<String, Field>,


§name: String

The name of the server.

§address: String

The address through which the server might be accessed on the open internet. This field may be an IPv4 address, IPv6 address, URL, must not contain a port

§port: u16

Port of the gameserver address (usually 14004)

§description: String

The server description.

§location: Option<Country>

The ISO 3166‑1 Alpha-2 code that the server is physically based in (note: this field is intended as an indication of factors like ping, not the language of the server). (e.g. “US”)

§auth_server: String

The auth server that must be used to connect to this server. If you want to use the official auth server use Some("")

§channel: Option<String>

The version channel used by the server. None means not running a channel distributed by Airshipper. If in doubt, "weekly" is probably correct.

§official: bool

Whether the server is officially affiliated with the Veloren project.

§extra: HashMap<String, Field>

Any extra attributes provided by the server.

The key is a machine-readable ID. Frontends may choose to display these fields in a different way (for example, adding an icon) based on this machine-readable ID, if they recognise it. There is no specific list of valid IDs and recognition is based on convention. Some examples of IDs include:

  • website
  • email
  • discord
  • mastodon
  • reddit
  • youtube


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