Trait valuable::Valuable[][src]

pub trait Valuable {
    fn as_value(&self) -> Value<'_>;
fn visit(&self, visit: &mut dyn Visit); fn visit_slice(slice: &[Self], visit: &mut dyn Visit)
        Self: Sized
, { ... } }
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A type that can be converted to a Value.

Valuable types are inspected by defining a Visit implementation and using it when calling Valuable::visit. See Visit documentation for more details.

The Valuable procedural macro makes implementing Valuable easy. Users can add add #[derive(Valuable)] to their types.

Valuable provides implementations for many Rust primitives and standard library types.

Types implementing Valuable may also implement one of the more specific traits: Structable, Enumerable, Listable, and Mappable. These traits should be implemented when the type is a nested container of other Valuable types.

Required methods

Converts self into a Value instance.

use valuable::Valuable;

let _ = "hello".as_value();

Calls the relevant method on Visit to extract data from self.

This method is used to extract type-specific data from the value and is intended to be an implementation detail. For example, Vec implements visit by calling visit_value() on each of its elements. Structs implement visit by calling visit_named_fields() or visit_unnamed_fields().

Usually, users will call the visit function instead.

Provided methods

Calls Visit::visit_primitive_slice() with self.

This method is an implementation detail used to optimize visiting primitive slices.

Trait Implementations

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

Implementations on Foreign Types