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Provides a hash map type that allows to store key-value pair of type any type (K, V) such that K implements TypedMapKey and TypedMapKey::Value is V.

use typedmap::{TypedMap, TypedMapKey};

// Define key types
#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq, Hash)]
struct Dog{name: String};
#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq, Hash)]
struct Cat{name: String};

struct Bark{volume: u32};
struct Mew{pitch: f32};

// Define value type for key types
impl TypedMapKey for Dog {
    type Value = Bark;
impl TypedMapKey for Cat {
    type Value = Mew;
// Create a new empty map
let mut animal_sounds: TypedMap = TypedMap::new();
// Insert data
animal_sounds.insert(Dog { name: "Spiky".into() }, Bark { volume: 80 });
animal_sounds.insert(Cat { name: "Spot".into()  }, Mew  { pitch: 12000.0 });

// Get for Dog key get value of type Bark.
let spiky_volume = animal_sounds.get(&Dog { name: "Spiky".into() }).unwrap().volume;
assert_eq!(spiky_volume, 80);

One can have multiple implementation of TypedMapKey for a given type K by specifying Marker parameter. For example, in a web service one may keep endpoint configuration and endpoint serivce in two hashmaps.

struct Configs;
struct Services;

use typedmap::{TypedMap, TypedMapKey};

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq, Hash)]
struct EndpointGet(String);
#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq, Hash)]
struct EndpointPost(usize);

struct EndpointGetConfig(String);
struct EndpointPostConfig(usize);

struct EndpointGetService {}
struct EndpointPostService {}

impl TypedMapKey<Configs> for EndpointGet {
    type Value = EndpointGetConfig;

impl TypedMapKey<Configs> for EndpointPost {
    type Value = EndpointPostConfig;

impl TypedMapKey<Services> for EndpointGet {
    type Value = EndpointGetService;

impl TypedMapKey<Services> for EndpointPost {
    type Value = EndpointPostService;

let mut configs: TypedMap<Configs> = TypedMap::new();
let mut services: TypedMap<Services> = TypedMap::new();

configs.insert(EndpointGet("test".to_owned()), EndpointGetConfig("config".to_owned()));
configs.insert(EndpointPost(10), EndpointPostConfig(20));

services.insert(EndpointGet("test".to_owned()), EndpointGetService {});
services.insert(EndpointPost(10), EndpointPostService {});

If dashmap feature is enabled, also a dashmap-backed TypedDashMap is available which allows to perform hashmap operations concurrently.

struct Configs;
struct Serivces;

#[cfg(feature = "dashmap")]
use typedmap::{TypedDashMap, TypedMapKey};
#[cfg(feature = "dashmap")]
let mut configs: TypedDashMap<Configs> = TypedDashMap::new();


pub use crate::dashmap::TypedDashMap;
pub use crate::hashmap::TypedMap;
pub use crate::hashmap::TypedMapKey;