Trait turtle::Turtle [] [src]

pub trait Turtle {
    fn forward<T: Into<Distance>>(&mut self, distance: T);
fn move_forward<T: Into<Distance>>(&mut self, distance: T);
fn rotate<T: Into<Degree>>(&mut self, angle: T);
fn is_pen_down(&self) -> bool;
fn pen_down(&mut self);
fn pen_up(&mut self);
fn goto(&mut self, pos: Position);
fn push(&mut self);
fn pop(&mut self); fn backward<T: Into<Distance>>(&mut self, distance: T) { ... }
fn right<T: Into<Degree>>(&mut self, angle: T) { ... }
fn left<T: Into<Degree>>(&mut self, angle: T) { ... }
fn is_pen_up(&self) -> bool { ... }
fn home(&mut self) { ... } }

Required Methods

Move turtle forward by specified distance.

Move turtle forward by specified distance without drawing.

Rotate around angle. If angle is positive, the turtle is turned to the left, if negative, to the right.

Returns true if pen is down.

Put the pen down.

Put the pen up.

Push current turtle state on stack.

Restore previously saved turtle state.

Provided Methods

Move turtle backward by specified distance.

Turn turtle right by angle degree.

Turn turtle left by angle degree.

Returns true if pen is up.