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generate typescript interface/type declarations from rust types


When building a web application in rust, data structures have to be shared between backend and frontend. Using this library, you can easily generate TypeScript bindings to your rust structs & enums so that you can keep your types in one place.

ts-rs might also come in handy when working with webassembly.


ts-rs exposes a single trait, TS. Using a derive macro, you can implement this interface for your types. Then, you can use this trait to obtain the TypeScript bindings. We recommend doing this in your tests. See the example and the docs.

get started

ts-rs = "6.1"
use ts_rs::TS;

struct User {
    user_id: i32,
    first_name: String,
    last_name: String,

When running cargo test, the TypeScript bindings will be exported to the file bindings/User.ts.


  • generate interface declarations from rust structs
  • generate union declarations from rust enums
  • inline types
  • flatten structs/interfaces
  • generate necessary imports when exporting to multiple files
  • serde compatibility
  • generic types

cargo features

  • serde-compat (default)

    Enable serde compatibility. See below for more info.

  • format (default)

    When enabled, the generated typescript will be formatted. Currently, this sadly adds quite a bit of dependencies.

  • chrono-impl

    Implement TS for types from chrono

  • bigdecimal-impl

    Implement TS for types from bigdecimal

  • uuid-impl

    Implement TS for types from uuid

  • bytes-impl

    Implement TS for types from bytes

If there’s a type you’re dealing with which doesn’t implement TS, use #[ts(type = "..")] or open a PR.

serde compatability

With the serde-compat feature (enabled by default), serde attributes can be parsed for enums and structs. Supported serde attributes:

  • rename
  • rename-all
  • tag
  • content
  • untagged
  • skip
  • skip_serializing
  • skip_deserializing
  • skip_serializing_if = "Option::is_none"
  • flatten
  • default

When ts-rs encounters an unsupported serde attribute, a warning is emitted.


Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to open an issue, discuss using GitHub discussions or open a PR. See


  • serde compatibility layer
  • documentation
  • use typescript types across files
  • more enum representations
  • generics
  • don’t require 'static


A typescript type which is depended upon by other types. This information is required for generating the correct import statements.


An error which may occur when exporting a type


A type which can be represented in TypeScript.
Most of the time, you’d want to derive this trait instead of implementing it manually.
ts-rs comes with implementations for all primitives, most collections, tuples, arrays and containers.

Derive Macros

Derives TS for a struct or enum. Please take a look at TS for documentation.