Struct tripcode::Sc [] [src]

pub struct Sc;

Generator for tripcodes on

The format of resulting tripcodes is determined as follows:

  • If the password is 12 or greater bytes long and:
    • begins with '#' sign -> Nama key tripcode (生キートリップ).
    • begins with '$' sign and:
      • the '$' sign is followed by a half-width katakana character -> Katakana tripcode (カタカナトリップ).
      • else -> 15-character tripcode (15桁トリップ).
    • else -> 12-character tripcode (12桁トリップ).
  • else -> 10-character tripcode.

The following is the list of characters to be treated as half-width katakanas above:


Trait Implementations

impl TripcodeGenerator for Sc

The type of hash value that represents resulting tripcodes. Read more

Generates a hash value that represents the tripcode for password.

Generates a tripcode from password.

Generates a tripcode from password and appends it to a String.

Generates a tripcode into a Write.

Generates a tripcode in Shift-JIS encoding.

Generates a Shift-JIS-encoded tripcode and appends it to a Vec<u8>.

Generates a Shift-JIS-encoded tripcode into a Write.