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Tiny, no-nonsense, self contained, portable TensorFlow and ONNX inference.


use tract_core::internal::*;

// build a simple model that just add 3 to each input component
let mut model = TypedModel::default();

let input_fact = f32::fact(&[3]);
let input = model.add_source("input", input_fact).unwrap();
let three = model.add_const("three".to_string(), tensor1(&[3f32])).unwrap();
let add = model.wire_node("add".to_string(),
    [input, three].as_ref()


// We build an execution plan. Default inputs and outputs are inferred from
// the model graph.
let plan = SimplePlan::new(&model).unwrap();

// run the computation.
let input = tensor1(&[1.0f32, 2.5, 5.0]);
let mut outputs =![input.into()]).unwrap();

// take the first and only output tensor
let mut tensor = outputs.pop().unwrap();

assert_eq!(tensor, tensor1(&[4.0f32, 5.5, 8.0]).into());

While creating a model from Rust code is useful for testing the library, real-life use-cases will usually load a TensorFlow or ONNX model using tract-tensorflow or tract-onnx crates.