pub trait IntoStreamingRequest: Sealed {
    type Stream: Stream<Item = Self::Message> + Send + 'static;
    type Message;

    fn into_streaming_request(self) -> Request<Self::Stream>;
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Trait implemented by RPC streaming request types.

Types implementing this trait can be used as arguments to client streaming RPC methods without explicitly wrapping them into tonic::Requests. The purpose is to make client calls slightly more convenient to write.

Tonic’s code generation and blanket implementations handle this for you, so it is not necessary to implement this trait directly.


Given the following gRPC service method definition:

rpc RecordRoute(stream Point) returns (RouteSummary) {}

we can call record_route in two equivalent ways:

use tonic::Request;
use futures_util::stream;

let messages = vec![Point {}, Point {}];


Required Associated Types§

The RPC request stream type

The RPC request type

Required Methods§

Wrap the stream of messages in a tonic::Request