Trait tonic_build::Method

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pub trait Method {
    type Comment: AsRef<str>;

    fn name(&self) -> &str;
    fn identifier(&self) -> &str;
    fn codec_path(&self) -> &str;
    fn client_streaming(&self) -> bool;
    fn server_streaming(&self) -> bool;
    fn comment(&self) -> &[Self::Comment];
    fn request_response_name(
        proto_path: &str,
        compile_well_known_types: bool
    ) -> (TokenStream, TokenStream); }
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Method generation trait.

Each service contains a set of generic Methods’s that will be used by codegen to generate abstraction implementations for the provided methods.

Required Associated Types§

Comment type.

Required Methods§

Name of method.

Identifier used to generate type name.

Path to the codec.

Method is streamed by client.

Method is streamed by server.

Get comments about this item.

Type name of request and response.

Implementations on Foreign Types§