Trait tokio_util::codec::Encoder

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pub trait Encoder<Item> {
    type Error: From<Error>;

    // Required method
    fn encode(
        &mut self,
        item: Item,
        dst: &mut BytesMut
    ) -> Result<(), Self::Error>;
Available on crate feature codec only.
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Trait of helper objects to write out messages as bytes, for use with FramedWrite.

Required Associated Types§


type Error: From<Error>

The type of encoding errors.

FramedWrite requires Encoders errors to implement From<io::Error> in the interest letting it return Errors directly.

Required Methods§


fn encode(&mut self, item: Item, dst: &mut BytesMut) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Encodes a frame into the buffer provided.

This method will encode item into the byte buffer provided by dst. The dst provided is an internal buffer of the FramedWrite instance and will be written out when possible.