[][src]Struct tokio_executor::DefaultExecutor

pub struct DefaultExecutor { /* fields omitted */ }

Executes futures on the default executor for the current execution context.

DefaultExecutor implements Executor and can be used to spawn futures without referencing a specific executor.

When an executor starts, it sets the DefaultExecutor handle to point to an executor (usually itself) that is used to spawn new tasks.

The current DefaultExecutor reference is tracked using a thread-local variable and is set using tokio_executor::with_default


impl DefaultExecutor[src]

pub fn current() -> DefaultExecutor[src]

Returns a handle to the default executor for the current context.

Futures may be spawned onto the default executor using this handle.

The returned handle will reference whichever executor is configured as the default at the time spawn is called. This enables DefaultExecutor::current() to be called before an execution context is setup, then passed into an execution context before it is used.

This is also true for sending the handle across threads, so calling DefaultExecutor::current() on thread A and then sending the result to thread B will not reference the default executor that was set on thread A.

Trait Implementations

impl Executor for DefaultExecutor[src]

impl<T> TypedExecutor<T> for DefaultExecutor where
    T: Future<Item = (), Error = ()> + Send + 'static, 

impl Clone for DefaultExecutor[src]

impl Debug for DefaultExecutor[src]

impl<T> Executor<T> for DefaultExecutor where
    T: Future<Item = (), Error = ()> + Send + 'static, 

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