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tiny-skia is a tiny Skia subset ported to Rust.

tiny-skia API is a bit unconventional. It doesn’t look like cairo, QPainter (Qt), HTML Canvas or even Skia itself. Instead, tiny-skia provides a set of low-level drawing APIs and a user should manage the world transform, clipping mask and style manually.

See the examples/ directory for usage examples.



  • A blending mode.
  • A path filling rule.
  • Controls how much filtering to be done when transforming images.
  • Draws at the beginning and end of an open path contour.
  • Specifies how corners are drawn when a shape is stroked.
  • A mask type.
  • A path segment.
  • A shader specifies the source color(s) for what is being drawn.
  • A shader spreading mode.