Struct tetra::graphics::text::VectorFontBuilder[][src]

pub struct VectorFontBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

A builder for vector-based fonts.

TrueType and OpenType fonts are supported. The font data will only be loaded into memory once, and it will be shared between all Fonts that are subsequently created by the builder instance.

Font::vector provides a simpler API for loading vector fonts, if you don’t need all of the functionality of this struct.


Creating a VectorFontBuilder is a relatively expensive operation. If you need to create extra sizes of the font later on, store the VectorFontBuilder rather than building a new one.

Cloning a VectorFontBuilder is a very cheap operation, as the underlying data is shared between the original instance and the clone via reference-counting.


impl VectorFontBuilder[src]

pub fn new<P>(path: P) -> Result<VectorFontBuilder> where
    P: AsRef<Path>, 

Loads a vector font from the given file.


pub fn from_file_data(data: &'static [u8]) -> Result<VectorFontBuilder>[src]

Loads a vector font from a slice of binary data.


pub fn with_size(&self, ctx: &mut Context, size: f32) -> Result<Font>[src]

Creates a Font with the given size.


Trait Implementations

impl Clone for VectorFontBuilder[src]

impl Debug for VectorFontBuilder[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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