Struct tetra::graphics::mesh::IndexBuffer[][src]

pub struct IndexBuffer { /* fields omitted */ }

Index data, stored in GPU memory.

An index buffer can be used as part of a Mesh, in order to describe which vertex data should be drawn, and what order it should be drawn in.

For example, to draw a square with raw vertex data, you need to use six vertices (two triangles, with three vertices each). This is inefficient, as two of those vertices are shared by the two triangles! Using an index buffer, you can instruct the graphics card to use vertices multiple times while constructing your square.

Index data is made up of u32 values, each of which correspond to the zero-based index of a vertex. For example, to get the mesh to draw the third vertex, then the first, then the second, you would create an index buffer containing [2, 0, 1].


Creating an IndexBuffer is a relatively expensive operation. If you can, store them in your State struct rather than recreating them each frame.

Cloning an IndexBuffer is a very cheap operation, as the underlying data is shared between the original instance and the clone via reference-counting. This does mean, however, that updating an IndexBuffer will also update any other clones of that IndexBuffer.


impl IndexBuffer[src]

pub fn new(ctx: &mut Context, indices: &[u32]) -> Result<IndexBuffer>[src]

Creates a new index buffer.

The buffer will be created with the BufferUsage::Dynamic usage hint - this can be overridden via the with_usage constructor.


pub fn with_usage(
    ctx: &mut Context,
    indices: &[u32],
    usage: BufferUsage
) -> Result<IndexBuffer>

Creates a new index buffer, with the specified usage hint.

The GPU may optionally use the usage hint to optimize data storage and access.


pub fn set_data(&self, ctx: &mut Context, indices: &[u32], offset: usize)[src]

Sends new index data to the GPU.


Panics if the offset is out of bounds.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IndexBuffer[src]

impl Debug for IndexBuffer[src]

impl PartialEq<IndexBuffer> for IndexBuffer[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for IndexBuffer[src]

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