Enum tet_libp2p_swarm::protocols_handler::ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr[][src]

pub enum ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> {

Error that can happen on an outbound substream opening attempt.



The opening attempt timed out before the negotiation was fully completed.


There was an error in the timer used.


Error while upgrading the substream to the protocol we want.


impl<TUpgrErr> ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr>[src]

pub fn map_upgrade_err<F, E>(self, f: F) -> ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<E> where
    F: FnOnce(UpgradeError<TUpgrErr>) -> UpgradeError<E>, 

Map the inner UpgradeError type.

Trait Implementations

impl<TUpgrErr: Debug> Debug for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr>[src]

impl<TUpgrErr> Display for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> where
    TUpgrErr: Display

impl<TUpgrErr> Error for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> where
    TUpgrErr: Error + 'static, 

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<TUpgrErr> !RefUnwindSafe for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr>

impl<TUpgrErr> Send for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> where
    TUpgrErr: Send

impl<TUpgrErr> Sync for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> where
    TUpgrErr: Sync

impl<TUpgrErr> Unpin for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr> where
    TUpgrErr: Unpin

impl<TUpgrErr> !UnwindSafe for ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<TUpgrErr>

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