[][src]Enum term_basics_linux::PromptChar

pub enum PromptChar {

What kind of character the prompt will print. Copy will just print what the user types in. Substitude(char) will print that character. None will not print anything at all.


use term_basics_linux as tbl;
tbl::println(tbl::input_field_custom(&mut tbl::InputHistory::new(0), tbl::PromptChar::Copy));
tbl::println(tbl::input_field_custom(&mut tbl::InputHistory::new(0), tbl::PromptChar::Substitude('#')));
tbl::println(tbl::input_field_custom(&mut tbl::InputHistory::new(0), tbl::PromptChar::None));



Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PromptChar[src]

impl Copy for PromptChar[src]

impl PartialEq<PromptChar> for PromptChar[src]

impl Debug for PromptChar[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for PromptChar[src]

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