Enum tera::ErrorKind[][src]

pub enum ErrorKind {
Show variants Msg(String), CircularExtend { tpl: String, inheritance_chain: Vec<String>, }, MissingParent { current: String, parent: String, }, TemplateNotFound(String), FilterNotFound(String), TestNotFound(String), InvalidMacroDefinition(String), FunctionNotFound(String), Json(Error), CallFunction(String), CallFilter(String), CallTest(String), Io(ErrorKind), Utf8Conversion { context: String, }, // some variants omitted

The kind of an error (non-exhaustive)



Generic error


A loop was found while looking up the inheritance chain

Fields of CircularExtend

tpl: String

Name of the template with the loop

inheritance_chain: Vec<String>

All the parents templates we found so far


A template is extending a template that wasn’t found in the Tera instance

Fields of MissingParent

current: String

The template we are currently looking at

parent: String

The missing template


A template was missing (more generic version of MissingParent)


A filter wasn’t found


A test wasn’t found


A macro was defined in the middle of a template


A function wasn’t found


An error happened while serializing JSON


An error occured while executing a function.


An error occured while executing a filter.


An error occured while executing a test.

An IO error occured


UTF-8 conversion error

This should not occur unless invalid UTF8 chars are rendered

Fields of Utf8Conversion

context: String

The context that indicates where the error occurs in the rendering process

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ErrorKind[src]

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