A wrapper around a DenseTensor File

Tensor bounds

A Tensor stored as a File of dense Array blocks

The schema of a Tensor

The shape of a Tensor

The base accessor type of SparseTensor, implementing SparseAccess for a TableIndex.

A Tensor stored as a Table of Coords and [Number] values


A generic one-dimensional array which supports all variants of [NumberType].

The bounds of a Tensor along a single axis.

A generic enum which can contain any DenseAccess impl

An n-dimensional array of numbers which supports basic math and logic operations

A view of a Tensor at a given TxnId, used in serialization


The file extension of a Tensor


Common DenseTensor access methods

Common DenseTensor access methods

Access methods for SparseTensor data

Write methods for SparseTensor data

Basic properties common to all Tensors

Tensor boolean operations.

Tensor boolean operations in relation to a constant.

Tensor comparison operations

Tensor-constant comparison operations

Tensor linear algebra operations

Tensor I/O operations which accept another Tensor as an argument

Tensor I/O operations

Tensor indexing operations

Tensor math operations

Tensor constant math operations

Methods to access this Tensor as a persistent type.

Tensor reduction operations

Trigonometric Tensor operations

Unary Tensor operations


Compute the coordinates needed to sort the elements in the given dense Tensor.

Broadcast the given left and right tensors into their broadcast_shape.

Compute the shape returned by broadcasting the given shapes together.

Type Definitions

The address of an individual element in a Tensor.