[][src]Struct tbot::contexts::Location

#[non_exhaustive]pub struct Location {
    pub bot: Arc<Bot>,
    pub message_id: Id,
    pub from: Option<User>,
    pub date: i64,
    pub chat: Chat,
    pub reply_to: Option<Message>,
    pub author_signature: Option<String>,
    pub forward: Option<Forward>,
    pub reply_markup: Option<Keyboard>,
    pub via_bot: Option<User>,
    pub location: Location,

The context for location handlers.

Fields (Non-exhaustive)

Non-exhaustive structs could have additional fields added in future. Therefore, non-exhaustive structs cannot be constructed in external crates using the traditional Struct { .. } syntax; cannot be matched against without a wildcard ..; and struct update syntax will not work.
bot: Arc<Bot>

A bot for calling API without information inference.

message_id: Id

ID of the message.

from: Option<User>

The author of the message.

date: i64

The timestamp of the message.

chat: Chat

The chat to which the message was sent.

reply_to: Option<Message>

The replied message.

author_signature: Option<String>

The author's signature, if enabled for the channel.

forward: Option<Forward>

The origin of the message if it's a forward.

reply_markup: Option<Keyboard>

The inline keyboard attached to the message.

via_bot: Option<User>

The bot via which the message was sent.

location: Location

The location.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Location[src]

impl Context for Location[src]

impl Debug for Location[src]

impl Forward for Location[src]

impl Forwardable for Location[src]

impl Location for Location[src]

impl MediaMessage for Location[src]

impl Message for Location[src]

impl Pinnable for Location[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Location

impl Send for Location

impl Sync for Location

impl Unpin for Location

impl !UnwindSafe for Location

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