[][src]Struct syn::Block

pub struct Block {
    pub brace_token: Brace,
    pub stmts: Vec<Stmt>,

A braced block containing Rust statements.

This type is available if Syn is built with the "full" feature.


brace_token: Bracestmts: Vec<Stmt>

Statements in a block


impl Block[src]

pub fn parse_within(input: ParseStream) -> Result<Vec<Stmt>>[src]

Parse the body of a block as zero or more statements, possibly including one trailing expression.

This function is available if Syn is built with the "parsing" feature.


use syn::{braced, token, Attribute, Block, Ident, Result, Stmt, Token};
use syn::parse::{Parse, ParseStream};

// Parse a function with no generics or parameter list.
//     fn playground {
//         let mut x = 1;
//         x += 1;
//         println!("{}", x);
//     }
struct MiniFunction {
    attrs: Vec<Attribute>,
    fn_token: Token![fn],
    name: Ident,
    brace_token: token::Brace,
    stmts: Vec<Stmt>,

impl Parse for MiniFunction {
    fn parse(input: ParseStream) -> Result<Self> {
        let outer_attrs = input.call(Attribute::parse_outer)?;
        let fn_token: Token![fn] = input.parse()?;
        let name: Ident = input.parse()?;

        let content;
        let brace_token = braced!(content in input);
        let inner_attrs = content.call(Attribute::parse_inner)?;
        let stmts = content.call(Block::parse_within)?;

        Ok(MiniFunction {
            attrs: {
                let mut attrs = outer_attrs;

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Block[src]

impl Debug for Block[src]

impl Eq for Block[src]

impl Hash for Block[src]

impl Parse for Block[src]

impl PartialEq<Block> for Block[src]

impl StructuralEq for Block[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for Block[src]

impl ToTokens for Block[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Block

impl !Send for Block

impl !Sync for Block

impl Unpin for Block

impl UnwindSafe for Block

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