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String error type

This crate provides a string error type, StringError that may have an underlying error and backtrace too. This is useful for binaries, that need only to display the top-level error to the user and not describe it in code, using an enum.

It may also be used as the return type in main, provided the underlying error type is specified as Box<dyn Error + 'static>

This crate currently uses various nightly features to implement the string error type. Even when the used features are stabilized, this crate will likely keep using other nightly features, as the crate is intended for usage with only binaries. The binaries themselves can use nightly easily, without affecting the libraries built along-side them.


pub use maybe_backtrace::MaybeBacktrace;
pub use result_ext::ResultExt;



A trait representing a type that may be either () or Backtrace.


Extentions to Result-like types that implement Try for working with StringError



The string error type